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As the professional society for audio, the AES serves its global membership by providing educational resources, leadership in the development of new standards and technologies, and forums for the exchange of creative and scientific information.

AES members are recording engineers, researchers, broadcast technicians, acousticians, sound mixers, equipment designers, consultants, DSP engineers, students, educators, technical directors, systems installers, mastering engineers and more.

Membership in the AES connects you to a worldwide organization of audio professionals representing all areas of the industry. Networking and face-to-face interaction occur at every level of the society, from local section meetings to international conventions and conferences. It also makes you eligible for a wide range of AES awards.

Every member has free access to the AES E-Library, the digital version of the prestigious Journal of the AES, as well as a growing video library called AES Live. Discounted registration fees for major meetings and trade-shows make membership a value that pays for itself.

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Important Things To Remember When Registering:


  1. Register as an AES Student Member before applying to the Emerson Chapter
  2. Input Expected Graduation Date
  3. Input School Name: Emerson College
  4. Input Advisor’s Name: Pierre Huberson
  5. Input Advisor’s Contact Information:
  6. Input the name Christopher Joseph Mallamaci and member number 238229 as the Referring Member on the Membership Application form
  7. Save your AES ID after registration
  8. Apply to join the Emerson College AES Chapter

Full access to the expansive AES E-Library • Subscription to the Journal of the AES • AES Live video series featuring tutorials and interviews • Discounts on Convention and select event registrations • Student Membership Benefits